About Us

About Us

About Us

Date Established : 1962
President : Madam C. H. Wei
Capital : US $ l,670,000.00
Employees : 95
Li , Hai Plant : No. 8, Chung-Li Road, Lin Hai Industrial Zone Kaohsiung, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Area 9,920 Square Meter ( 106,800 Square Feet )
Feng Shan Business : No. 136, San-Cheng Road, Feng-Shan, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Area 3,970 Square Meter ( 42,800 Square Feet )

YUN CHI PLASTICS FABRICATION CO., LTD. was founded in 1962 and has obtained the patent of PVC shrinkable packaging material for 15 years to continue researching Co-extrusion & lamination vacuum film; also explore and develop new techniques of PE shrink film, PP film, POF shrink film, PS shrink film, PETG shrink film, PLA shrink film, Anti-Static film. YUN CHI PLASTICS is the pioneer of processing plastic packaging in Taiwan. Because of that it made us succeed in the field of processing plastic packaging.YUN CHI is committed to pursue humanity, exquisiteness, economy and efficiency of plastic packaging material. We hold the exquisite quality, precise quantity and accurate delivery as our quality policy to serve customers in order to acquire the satisfaction and support from them. Since foundation, YUN CHI PLASTICS has combined its 40 years experiences, technology and policies of advanced administration to create particular culture, innovation and accomplished convert with OA, FA, ERP computer systems, that benefit the market interaction between the company and customers as the key point to win success in business. Our inheritance and promise to the demand of customers and market tendency establish the eternal business concept of management.

Chairman Citation
Within the pass 50 years YUN CHIPLASTICS FABRICATION Co., Ltd. has grown step by step with a consistent record of developments and achievements based on our management capabilities, R&D knowledge, and our commitment to exceed client's expectations. YCP provides the utmost dedication and cooperation of all members, proving our maturity and adherence as an enterprise responsibility to the society. YCP continues to advance our techniques and management experiences allowing us to grow. Facing the changing world, we are prepared by keeping an update on new improvements we can make. Thus, by modernizing ourselves, we can keep ahead of packaging industry.

Our dedication to industry stems from values such as sincerity, confidence and cooperation among others, which allow YCP to continue to operate and develop.

Shrinkable Film Supplier

Yun Chi Plastics Fab. Co., Ltd. is an expert in making Shrink Film in Taiwan with over 40 years experiences.  YCP provides superior Packaging Film with years of expertise, and all of our products are popular among the packaging industry.  Due to our continuously improve, YCP has become a high quality international company.  Our products line has been divided into three parts: PVC Shrinkable Film, Anti-static Film and Multi-layer Packaging Film.  If you are looking for ESD Film, PLA Shrink Film and Co-extrusion Film, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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