Easy Peeling Film
Easy Peeling Film

Easy Peeling Film

Yun Chi Plastics Fabrication has been releasing brand new film, with the best-selling product in the packaging field, which is name after as one of its features, easy to peel off with just fingers, “Easy Peeling Film”. What brings you to use this film is by the features below.
1.Easy Peeling Film with Low Sealing Temperature
2. Easy Peeling Film with High Gloss
3. The high strength prevents cases from leaking and makes it easy to peel off.
4. Dimension and print is made upon customers requirement
5. Easy Peeling Film is applied widely to any kinds of plastics container and cup.
6. The film is approved by HACCP based on ISO22000
Easy Peeling Film Specification
Test Item Unit Value Test Method
mm 0.072
Tensile strength
MD Kg/cm2 485 ASTM D-882
TD 483
MD % 150 ASTM D-882
TD 131
Tear strength
MD g 70 JISK-7128
TD 180
10% Tensile stress
MD Kg/cm2 239 ASTM D-882
TD 227
Impact resistance
g/F50 380 ASTM D-1709
Friction coefficient
μk 0.14 ASTM D-1894
Water Vapor Transmission Rate
(WVTR at 40°C, 90% RH)
g/m2․day 8.98 ASTM F1249
Oxygen Transmission Rate
(OTR at 25°C, Dry)
c.c/m2․day 142.30 ASTM D-3985
*The value of test result may vary.