Within the pass 40 years YUN CHI PLASTICS FABRICATION Co., Ltd. has grown step by step with a consistent record of developments and achievements based on our management capabilities, R&D knowledge, and our commitment to exceed client's expectations. YCP provides the utmost dedication and cooperation of all members, proving our maturity and adherence as an enterprise responsibility to the society. YCP continues to advance our techniques and management experiences allowing us to grow. Facing the changing world, we are prepared by keeping an update on new improvements we can make. Thus, by modernizing ourselves, we can keep ahead of packaging industry.Our dedication to industry stems from values such as sincerity, confidence and cooperation among others, which allow YCP to continue to operate and develop.

Shrink Packaging Film

As a leading Plastic & Rubber Products manufacturer in Taiwan, YUN CHI PLASTICS FAB. CO., LTD. specialized in wide range of Shrink Packaging Film and Shrink Series. All with well-reputation by the strict quality request.
The Shrink Packaging Film is specifically designed to meet our customers’ most demanding needs, as its service-friendly design provides reliable performance and easy maintenance. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of Shrink Packaging Film for your applications or email us for more information.